At EMA, being a valuable member of our industry and our community is one of the most important things we do.

  • Knowledge Management

    While knowledge is often most closely identified with individuals, utilities can take ownership of the bodies of knowledge they need their employees to be able to access to do their jobs successfully. EMA works with utilities to catalog and characterize the knowledge needed for various types of roles and develop strategies to capture, store, and […]

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  • Workforce Development

    At all levels and across all functions, utility employees are dealing with more complexity, more technology, and more responsibilities. EMA helps utilities assess how their employees are meeting their current needs and how well prepared they are to tackle the challenges they are likely to face in the future. EMA’s deep experience working in all […]

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  • Succession Planning

    Experienced employees are retiring or changing jobs as the economy improves. EMA helps utilities identify positions and functions at risk and develop strategies to ensure continuity and reliable operations. We focus on  key roles and responsibilities and  the associated skills and experiences that the utility needs to sustain. We look for fit between current positions […]

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  • Organization Assessments and Redesign

    EMA helps utilities take a step back and rethink their organizations. Change is constant. Sometimes utilities want to take on new functions or new service areas, sometimes they recognize that they need new or different skills, and sometimes they are looking for opportunities to consolidate or increase efficiency. We start with the individual utility goals […]

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  • Leadership Development

    EMA works with utilities to define the critical leadership behaviors and competencies that align with their values. Based on these competencies, EMA helps utility leaders and future leaders to apply evaluation tools to understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement. EMA also prepares and delivers customized leadership development programs to build capacity, offers ongoing support […]

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