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  • Let’s Start a Conversation about Cybersecurity

    My article for the EMA Communicator entitled “The Five Deadly Sins of SCADA/PCS Cybersecurity” was written from the perspective of Utility managers who are rightfully concerned about the security of their production control systems. There are news stories that come out almost on a weekly basis of companies and even large corporations that are hacked or compromised. Security expertise is one of the fastest growing areas in the technology field and even many private sector companies struggle to fill these roles.

    I wrote this article to create a simple conversation between Utility managers and those in charge of implementing, maintaining, and securing the SCADA/PCS network. I’m attempting to achieve this conversation by breaking down complex security systems, servers, equipment, and components into five simple questions. If the answer is “yes” to any of these five areas detailed in the article, the Utility needs to further investigate if this is truly a need or just a simple convenience for staff or outside contractors. If the Utility is knowingly or unknowingly violating one these “sins,” they should put a plan in place to eliminate or mitigate the potential risk. The article also gives methods and alternatives to still meet these needs in a secure manner.

    Here’s the article. EMA Communicator Issue 1 2018 The Five Deadly Sins of SCADA-PCS Cybersecurity

    If you find it helpful and would like to continue the conversation, just fill in the form below and be sure to mention the article in your message.

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