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  • Communicator 2018: Refreshed, Recharged, and Reimagined

    EMA began publishing Communicator in 1981 to provide our clients and colleagues with useful and relevant information about industry topics, client success stories, and insights from our associates. Our dedication to that goal hasn’t changed, but other things certainly have. Advances in technology in just the first three years of publication included the IBM PC, the Global Positioning System, and the CD-ROM. Another change is the amount of media vying for readers’ attention. We’re inundated with content. While it can be great to have so much information and analysis at our fingertips, there is a flip side. We’re swamped with notifications for blogs, newsletters, white papers, infographics, videos, and podcasts that promise dubious value in return for our attention.

    The New Communicator- Updated and Improved

    We’re using the launch of our new blog to unite the best aspects of traditional publication with the cutting edge of modern media. Starting with our next issue, we’ll publish articles as blog posts as soon as they’re written so busy readers can stay up to date with timely content on important topics. For those who prefer hard copy, we’ll continue to publish Communicator, regularly collecting articles into a print issue with additional graphics and expanded content.

    Read the New Issue Now

    The most recent issue of Communicator is available now as a complete issue, and we’ll highlight individual articles over the next few months as we transition to the new schedule. For future content updates, you can subscribe to receive full issues via email or in print, or follow us to be notified when we post individual articles.

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