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  • EMA’s Clyde Pace Published in Water, Environment & Technology

    The August 2017 issue of Water, Environment & Technology includes “Controlling the Control Room Interface,” an article co-authored by EMA’s Clyde Pace and Larry Sawicki of the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department. From the magazine’s website:

    An old-fashioned control center.Control room operator interfaces have come a long way in a single lifetime, evolving from mechanical, manual switches to touchscreens and portable devices. Likewise, the actual process control operations have become more complex and intricate. Operations staff are called on to shoulder more responsibility.

    Interacting with these evolving controls to manage critical processes becomes ever more important. When the human machine interface (HMI) screens used to control and operate these systems are overly complex and confusing, it becomes difficult for operators to monitor key operating parameters or identify abnormal situations.

    The full article is available to WEF members on their website; if you’d like to contact Clyde or another EMA associate about operator interfaces or other issues related to operations management, please contact us.


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