At EMA, being a valuable member of our industry and our community is one of the most important things we do.

  • Program Management

    We provide program management services for key business areas to consolidate and integrate multiple projects and initiatives to achieve your program goals. Our experienced managers deliver successful results in your complex programs through effective communication and coordination with multiple parties.

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  • Performance Assessments

    EMA led the industry in developing and applying competitive assessment methods and tools. We can help your utility identify and prioritize your performance gaps and make changes to achieve new levels of performance.

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  • Benchmarking

    We bring leading practices to your utility as a basis for benchmarking that goes beyond just comparing metrics. We have established results-oriented performance measures that leverage industry data to provide you meaningful comparisons, not just statistics.

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  • Strategic Planning

    We have helped many leading utilities develop strategic business plans and facilitated team-based initiatives to carry out those strategies. EMA led Water Research Foundation sponsored projects to understand trends in “Forecasting the Future.” We’ve produced leading-practice research to bring world-class planning methods and tools to progressive utilities.

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  • Workload Analysis and Improvements

    Using proven methods for analyzing work processes and resource requirements, we can help your workforce become more efficient and effective. Our analysis tools help you see areas to shift, eliminate, combine, streamline, or redesign work for improved service delivery.

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  • Business Process Redesign

    Our Business Process Redesign approach provides multi-dimensional perspectives for organization, practices, and technology. This integrated approach means your new processes satisfies all your requirements and can be implemented across the organization.

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