At EMA, being a valuable member of our industry and our community is one of the most important things we do.

  • Asset Reliability Programs

    Critical asset reliability is imperative to utility operations. From basic initiatives, to identifying asset criticality, to building mature Reliability Centered Maintenance programs, EMA’s industry leading-expertise will help you maximize your assets’ reliability.

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  • Maintenance Management Strategy

    Every utility’s approach to maintenance is slightly different, but the goal is the same: achieve longevity and reliability for the lowest total cost of ownership. EMA’s industry insights can transform your maintenance strategy.

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  • Enterprise Work and Asset Management Systems

    The modern EAM System is business critical for utilities. It is the system of record for all information about your assets, and as such becomes the data source for analytics and decision making. Implementing a world class system requires both an understanding of the technology, but also of the utility business and its drivers. EMA […]

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  • Asset Management Programs

    Asset Management Programs come in all shapes and sizes, levels of formality and maturity. EMA recognizes that one size cannot fit all, and works with utilities to develop programs that work for that specific utility’s needs. It starts with understanding both the utility business and asset management. Let our expertise work for you to build […]

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