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  • The Water Research Foundation publishes new research on security and communications for intelligent water systems.

    The Water Research Foundation has published its report, “Considerations for Security and Communications for Intelligent Water Systems.” This research project addressed the security risks utilities face associated with a wide range of information sources and their communication protocols. The researchers inventoried and assessed the security risks of these source systems, such as SCADA, AMI/AMR, water quality monitoring, and security monitoring, along with their communications media and protocols. Researchers determined whether the cybersecurity measures utilities currently use provide adequate protection from risk and recommended alternate approaches where protections appeared inadequate. Researchers also developed an Intelligent Water Systems Matrix to present general and security considerations for the most common information systems’ communication methodologies.

    EMA members of the research project’s team included Phil Gaberdiel, Bob Daly, Gerald Di Noia, Terry Draper, Chris Murray, and Mary Benson.

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