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  • Surrounded by Sharks!


    Our entire party was encircled by sharks! Sharks of various sizes and types, with some showing us their fearsome mouths full of teeth. However, instead of hearing cries of despair, the sound of laughter and animated conversation filled the air.

    Welcome to EMA’s reception at ACE 2018, which was held at the Mandalay Bay’s Shark Aquarium. We had an exceptional turnout of over 200 attendees from water agencies, regulators, and industry associations from across North America. The Reception filled two rooms. One, which was outdoors, had its own bar service and featured comfortable outdoor furniture. The other room was indoors, which also had its own bar, and featured several floor-to-ceiling windows which allowed viewing of the main shark aquarium. It was also full of guests. Waiters bustled around both rooms with trays of food and the bar tenders were kept busy by thirsty guests.

    Also, reception guests had full access and most attendees took advantage of the opportunity to do the entire aquarium. Some even brought their spouses and children to view the exhibits.

    Not only was the Reception a welcome break from the rigors of the conference, it also allowed old friends to reconnect and new friends to be made. It was an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with their peers and exchange news and information.

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