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  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District Wins US Water Alliance US Water Prize 2018

    Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) is the Public Sector winner of the US Water Prize 2018, the US Water Alliance announced last week on July 12. HRSD won the prize for its Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow, or SWIFT.

    SWIFT is HRSD’s program to clean wastewater and use it to recharge groundwater aquifers and prevent saltwater intrusion in the face of sea level rises. Through SWIFT, HRSD provides multiple long-term benefits to the region, including mitigating sea level rise, safeguarding drinking water supply, promoting Chesapeake Bay restoration, reducing frequency and magnitude of local flooding, and ensuring water resource management and control into the future.

    The US Water Alliance awards the US Water Prize annually to celebrate outstanding achievement in the advancement of sustainable, integrated, and inclusive solutions to our nation’s water challenges.

    HRSD has been an EMA client since 1993.

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