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  • A Note From New Employee Sandip Basu

    Headshot of Sandip BasuHello! My name is Sandip Basu and I am delighted to join EMA, Inc.

    My quest for science education was cut short with my high school graduation, and I studied Economics for the next five years. The software sector was booming in India as I completed my master’s degree. I was attracted to technology and computer software, so I decided to enroll in a two-year diploma course in a software design and programming (3GL/4GL/RDBMS/SQL/GUI and a decision-making system). I have been working in the technology sector ever since, including banking, manufacturing, government, and utilities. My roles have included data manager, systems/application analyst, software engineer, database administrator, and project/program manager. Over the last 15+ years, I have worked in the utility sector as client-side consultant managing a wide range of projects and programs. While working full time and owning my small consulting firm in Cincinnati, I completed my executive MBA program from Xavier University in 2014.

    I have worked with a range of consulting firms and solutions providers in the utility sector. Among them, my experience with EMA associates stood out! Together, we were successful in delivering several interesting projects, and I always kept in touch with my EMA contacts. In recent years, as I started to look for more variety of product solutions and creative delivery experience within the utility sector, I always thought about working with EMA.

    After finishing a rather large and complex implementation assignment in 2017 (a story for another time), I realized that it could be a good time for me to transition to a company with a wider range of clients and projects and broader solutions delivery capabilities. Perhaps this originated from my eagerness to learn learn continuously. Also, one of the shortcomings of being a small business owner is not having a large quality peer group of colleagues that one can trust. Healthy competition among peers can bring momentum and excitement, not only to learn new tools/technology and gather new domain knowledge, but also to actively collaborate to innovate and create value for the organization and the customers in the industry we serve! Being an employee-owned company, EMA attracted my interest, as I also sensed that the leadership team truly cares about its employees and provides tools for growth and advancement.

    I look forward to actively working with EMA associates across different practice groups  while I build a strong relationship with the Customer Service practice group. I am excited to be part of client outreach and business development opportunities. And I am very excited about the opportunity to serve in the Intelligent Water System (IWS) working team as part of the look ahead strategic focus for the organization and the water and wastewater industry.

    I am thrilled to be part of a highly experienced CSP practice group and part of EMA’s broader team of associates. I believe I can attain a sense of fulfillment by contributing to internal knowledge, discipline, and practice standards, and by delivering EMA’s trusted advisory services to our utility clients and their customer for challenging projects in innovative and very effective ways.

    You can connect with Sandip on LinkedIn or via email.


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