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  • Mo Rousso Rejoins EMA

    Mo RoussoMo Rousso had worked for EMA for 16 years when he left in 2001 to found his own company. 17 years later, we’re delighted to welcome him back. Mo is clear on his reasons for returning to EMA.

    During my first term at EMA, I worked in a challenging and dynamic environment with many brilliant, creative people. I developed or worked on projects that addressed the entire breadth of EMA’s capabilities.  I traveled extensively and served clients throughout North America (and even one in South America) and authored many papers and presentations. I was involved in many groundbreaking projects, like the Water Research Foundation’s Utility Business Architecture project, and worked directly with management teams and client boards of directors.

    Therefore, once I determined my work was done at HelioPower and had promoted my successor, I knew I wanted to go back and rejoin EMA.  I was happy to see that they were still performing innovative work, especially in customer service and cyber security (having written AWWA’s guidelines), and several of my former colleagues were still there.

    I accepted the position of Director of Client Services, where I will be helping utilities develop creative solutions to address their issues and make sure that project teams are delivering better-than-expected value to those clients.  I’m based in San Diego and will be assisting clients primarily in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

    You can connect with Mo on LinkedIn or via email.


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