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Celebrating Client Success
A recent project at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Wastewater Enterprise is featured in the fall issue of Esri ArcNews. In the project, SFPUC worked with EMA to integrate its existing GIS with IBM Maximo Spatial to resolve workflow issues and other work-related challenges.
“GIS Integrates and Transforms Sewer Operations: For the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Benefits Abound”

For full issue of Esri ArcNews Fall, 2013, click here.


City of Tallahassee, FL
Underground Utilities Wastewater Treatment
Business Tool Helps Manage Life Cycle of Assets
As the City began a $227 million water reclamation facility upgrade project, they also bolstered their existing Asset Management program, creating a systematic, data-driven process to plan and prioritize maintenance and capital improvement activities.

Customer Service
Transforming Water Sector Customer Service Operations
By Lynne Powers
Often the water sector has treated customers with a “one-size-fits-all” meter-to-pay cycle. A number of factors are causing utilities to break this paradigm and move toward a more customer-centric approach …


Utilities and municipalities operate in an ever-changing business environment. A variety of factors – political, economic, regulatory, environmental, and other issues – contribute to this change, reinforcing the importance of more effective management.

Effective management not only meets the day-to-day demands of running your organization; it also considers your long-term outlook.

EMA provides innovative solutions, expertise, and exceptional service to help you remain informed, ahead of the curve, and equipped to manage your organization effectively.

What do you need to sustain your organization?

Consider the ways EMA can help you find your answers.


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